Clearview Intelligence launches

Earlier this month, hit the web. It’s the latest stage in the Clearview Intelligence brand journey, and it’s very much a manifestation of all the groundwork that went before it.

The company then called Clearview Traffic Group Ltd first approached mark-making* back in 2015. Having explored the original campaign brief, we proposed a project to assess the brand and its positioning in the growing intelligent transport solutions industry.

Brand definition

We began at the beginning with a brand definition exercise, involving multiple stakeholders within the business at different stages. By the final presentation, we had pinned down a new and authentic expression of the brand’s values, personality, positioning, mission and vision.

The work marks a shift in focus: away from product-centred messages, towards an emphasis on the bigger-picture outcomes that Clearview Intelligence can achieve. The process consolidated several brands into one, and a new name was the final piece of the puzzle. Clearview Traffic Group Ltd became Clearview Intelligence.

Visual identity

The newly-defined brand was the perfect starting point for a new visual identity. Something truly future-proof that would accommodate the evolving offering, and make a lasting impact for the brand in an ever-changing sector. After a period of research and exploration of various options, the final result was a simple, circular marque. It symbolises the importance and inter-connectedness of three key elements in the problem-solving process: data, insight, and intelligence.

Website: content, design, build

A new identity entails a review of all the branded collateral associated with a business, from letterheads to product manuals to social media profiles. One crucial item is the company website. The rebrand launch was planned for April, and the website would be a key resource supporting that transition, informing people about the change and fleshing out the new identity.

In this area particularly, there was a balance to be struck. For visitors new to the brand or the sector, the site needed to convey the outcomes Clearview Intelligence are capable of. Meanwhile, persona research showed that it was crucial to maintain a fast-track route to more detailed technical information, for those who need it.

As the web presences of several brands were consolidated into one, we formulated a content structure, a photography style and a visual language that answered this brief and stayed true to the Clearview Intelligence brand.

What’s next?

After a successful teaser and brand launch campaign, we continue to work with Clearview Intelligence in their marketing activities. We’d like to say a huge congratulations to the Clearview team for a site smoothly-launched, and look forward to seeing this new identity come into its own over the next few months.

Clearview Intelligence logos new old comparison

Clearview Intelligence marqueClearview Intelligence business cards
Clearview Intelligence website on screen
Clearview Intelligence brand book cover Clearview Intelligence brand book spread

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