Meet Tifo

We’re proud to introduce Tifo, a new business offering modular back-office services through a unique combination of cloud-based software and skilled people. It’s the latest venture from long-standing mm* client, PayStream, and we’re really excited about it.

A brand new brand

We’ve developed a brand for Tifo that lives up to the values of sister company PayStream while maintaining a look and feel all of its own.

Naming & strapline

There’s no secret formula for naming (trust us, we checked). In this case, the name came from thinking about the attributes of the service – helping businesses make the best possible use of their time and resources, through offering back office support.

Making the customer the hero felt like the right avenue, so we explored plenty of sidekicks and unsung heroes before settling on the slightly more abstract option: Tifo. Like the tifosi of Italian football and Formula One, it comes from the Italian verb tifare meaning to support or to root for something.

And as a back office service designed to work alongside existing functions and software – a kind of virtual sidekick – the strapline pretty much wrote itself!

Visual identity

The Tifo visual identity expresses the supportive, integrated nature of the service, as well as the friendly, caring personality . The ‘I’ is loosely figurative. The shared crossbar of the ‘t’ and ‘f’ suggests an arm around the shoulder, while the lower case logotype feels open and approachable. The arm is integral to the Tifo brand language. It extends throughout Tifo collateral creating illustrations to support messaging, works as a way finder to guide you through a document, and generally acts as a symbol of support

A careful analysis of the competition revealed a spectrum of similar colour palettes (the majority favouring blues and greys) with just one or two notable exceptions. We went for a colour palette that was ownable, distinctive and instantly recognisable amongst the competitors. The combination of vibrant green and deep purple reflects Tifo’s friendly and confident nature.

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