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Woodhouse Prezi presentation

Woodhouse Prezi presentation

Woodhouse wanted a bespoke way their sales team could present their designs and products, and wanted to move away from the standard presentation routes. Woodhouse’s sales team carry around iPads they can use to show off the products so a custom and interactive Prezi presentation seemed like an ideal solution. Prezi is presentation making software that allows information and ideas to be presented in a more interactive and engaging way compared to the boring alternatives (i.e. Powerpoint). With the Prezi presentation we designed and built, the sales team can guide customers through Woodhouse’s products virtually, with the interactivity meaning they can zoom in and see more details on the products they’re interested in. All of this is made possible on the move through the use of Prezi’s native iPad/iPhone app.

Going responsive with email marketing for Woodhouse

Woodhouse responsive email template

As part of Woodhouse’s broad marketing mix, we regularly create monthly email newsletters of two flavours:

  • Shaping Space, which covers inspiring projects, new products, and commentary on all aspects of urban realm design
  • Illuminate, which looks at all aspects of external lighting

Both newsletters prove to be very popular with Woodhouse’s customers and audience, and it was found that a significant proportion of their readers were opening the emails on mobile devices. Therefore it made sense to make a transition from the previous newsletter format to a responsive layout – one which adapted to meet the dimensions and size of the users device.

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Redesigning the Duralock website

Duralock Website

Since their establishment in 1991, Duralock has grown to become a globally recognised brand, specialising in quality fencing for the horse-racing and equestrian sectors. With clients from all over the world, including prestigious racecourses, trainers, and show grounds, their products have gone on to penetrate other markets, as they are adaptable for commercial and domestic use.

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