CBFL becomes Amicus

2014 was a landmark year for Capital Bridging Finance Limited.

CBFL became a regulated lender and completed a record number of loans totalling over £140 million. The company also launched new development and commercial products and doubled their funding capacity.

With ambitions to continue this pattern of growth and broaden the business offering to serve new markets, mark-making* was briefed to develop a new identity for CBFL. The start point was to bring clarity to what the CBFL brand stood for, its core proposition and the values underpinning that. The distilled output of that exercise was a compelling, authentic, and sustainable ‘promise’ of dependability and creativity.

Armed with that understanding the new name of Amicus was born, a reflection of the approachable and people-centric nature of the business. The visual articulation of the brand is built around two key assets. The robustly constructed ‘A’ marque denotes dependability, with a subtle visual reference to a heritage in bridging finance. The vibrant and flexible colour palette is an expression of the brand’s creative side.

Capital Bridging and Amicus - before and afterAmicus promise visualused - dependable, creativeBlue, purple, orange, green - the Amicus colour paletteAmicus brand guidelinesNew colours in printAmicus designs on screenAmicus launch email on an iphoneSample amicus press headlines

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